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<p> Each monitor has a group of 10 students whom they coordinate. We get up, have breakfast, carry out a program of nautical activities in the morning, eat and in the afternoons we have relaxation ...

28/01/2023 12:57:45


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<p> The sailing instructor assistant must have navigation knowledge in windsurfing and sailing and have a vocation for beach sports and free time. The sailing monitor assistant collaborates in the nautical activities table preparing the ...

15/11/2022 12:18:32


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<p> <br>The hostel assistant collaborates in the cleaning, maintenance of the accommodation and food service of the camps.</p><p>Has free time to participate in nautical activities and free use of Paddle Surf and bike material. </p><p>Experience is not ...

15/11/2022 12:19:08


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<p> <br>A camp coordinator is responsible for managing two work teams: the nautical activities team and the free time monitors team. Often these combine both areas. They must know how to manage teams and have ...

15/11/2022 12:28:37


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<p> <br>The mission of the rescue ship is to mark the regatta field every morning where students and instructors will practice different sports such as catamaran sailing, windsurfing and paddle surfing. For this reason, the ...

18/12/2022 03:39:14

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