Camp Instructor

Vigo, Spain



Gift of people: patience and sympathy, live in a group.Minimum provision of 1 month.

Each center has independent areas of Beachescolas Camps, Paddlesurf Area, Windsurf Area and Catamaran Area. Each area has independent independent work teams. In the activity in the water all areas are supported by the "Rescue Boat" service that also acts independently and provides security assistance to all areas within the water. There may be one or more "Rescue Boats" depending on the activity. In the centers there is another independent area called "Beach Office", this area works as the customer service office, informing clients,making reservations for all areas and coordinating activity with all responsables areas (Rescue, windsurf, camps, catamaran and paddle). 

Each season Beachescolas organize Camps in diferent locations. Each Camp is organized by two main areas : Nautic activities and Free time activities. The realtion of customers with the activities is coordinated   by the "Camp Coordinator" . Each area has the necessary facilities and equipement for activities. We look for instructors that help us to coordinate kids , geting the great atmospheree of this beach camps with games and trips. 

Most comon Tasks are :

  • Welcome and closing partys ceremony

  • Monitoring the accomodation, breakfast,dinners, lunchs and free time activities. 

  • Monitoring work groups to wash clothes and make beds.

  • EOrganicing "The Olimpics" funy beach activities competition.

  • Maintenance of the rescue boat (Cleaning,Gas,Repairs, town system, ..).

  • Take photos and video for the beach office in between kids take part in nautic activities.


The season includes from April 15 to October 15. The contracts can be longer or shorter, from 2 weeks to 6 months or whole year. We make several teams for each area and dates. Tehere is posibility of working during weekends, a single shift in the morning or afternoon, or combine a work of instructor in the morning and helpdesk or waiter in the afternoon (for example). It will depend on the center and your coordinator.


Coordinator and nautic instructors works 7 days a week and they can configurate a timing depending of the week taking breaks and a free day but no in concret date or times. The schedules and shifts can vary without prior notice according to weather or high or low demand of customers.It will depend on the area coordinator. 


We offers accomodation and mainteneance that will be completed within every contract conditions.


Salaries starts from base salary (800 € /month) .


In your free time you can spend time on the beach, practicing windsurfing, paddlesurf, snorckel, ... and get involved with the comunity and explore the coast. The centers where we are located has a very rich history and marine traditions. There are nearby landmarks constructed by Celtics and Romans. There is also a huge fishing tradition and you can observe  the Galician´s artisanal fishing fleets avery morning and evening. The nearest town there is Vigo, Galicia´s big City. You can also take a bus or train to visit Santiago of Compostela, one of Spanin´s most historic towns and the destination of the famous "Camino de Santiago".

Leave us your curriculum selecting the best job option, ataching a photo and  with disponible dates. You will can resolve dudes in and interview by Hang Outs or Skype if you are selected.

Greetings from Beachescolas and good luck for this season