Camp Counselor

Vigo, Spain



Every year Beachescolas organizes cultural experiences and language camps on the beach from March to October in different locations in Europe and USA. The cultural experiences of 3 weeks (Spanish & Usa Adventures) are reserved by the customers between August and December of the previous year and the camps of 1 and 2 weeks are reserved between January and May of the same year.

We are currently developing projects in La Coruña, Cangas de Morrazo, Vigo, Nigran (Galicia-Spain) and Florida (USA).

We want to develop new projects in new locations. If you know an ideal spot for windsurf and nautic activities that let us to develop our services,  contact us.


We offer to be  counselor  to those people who identify  by participating actively in the project.

We seek in this way to disseminate our business plan and at the same time increase the incomes of the dynamic people according to the "Beachescolas" lifestyle that allows us to be more professional every day, offering remuneration at the level of responsibilities.

Most comon Tasks are :

  • Share Beachescolas news by facebook.

  • Contact by mail or phone with potential clients in your country. 

  • Loyalty and attention of your customers.

  • Presence on site during the activity of your customers.


We offers accomodation and mainteneance that will be completed within every contract conditions when the counselors are accompanying their customers.


The ambassadors do not receive salary, they are free agents who receive commission between 10% and 20% of their client portfolio.These payments may vary if the service marketed has a promotional discount.


Beachescolas supports your commercial work by redirecting you to business contacts in your area and providing digital tools for your organization.

During the month of February we met at the Dusseldorf Boot show (Germany) to promote and present plans for the following two seasons to customers and collaborators.

If you take an active part in the camps, you can spend time on the beach, practicing windsurfing, paddlesurf, snorckel, ... and get involved with the comunity and explore the coast.  

Leave us your curriculum and plans, ataching a photo and  with disponible dates. You will can resolve dudes in and interview by "Google Hang Outs" or "Skype" if you are selected.

Greetings from Beachescolas and good luck for this season.